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Show Time is a Game Jam's game with a TV show aesthetic (Like Total Wipeout or Takeshi's Castle ).  The Game Jam's theme was "Pile".

In French "Pile" can mean: "Pile", "Battery", "fit", etc. We chose to work on the "fit" meaning .

In Show time, you will have to "fit" in shapes incrusted in walls which will come at you faster and faster. If a wall touches you, you loose a life, if you loose your three lifes, the game is over.

A game by: 

Emma BURGER - Game Designer & 2D Artist

Rémi LACASSAGNE - Game Designer & 3D Artist 

Nadhir M'SA - Programmer @nachoo

Aurélien MONTEREAU - Sound Designer 

Jérémie OSTER - Game Designer & 2D/3D Artist


ShowTime_Alpha.zip 715 MB

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